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This time last week I became one with the internet trends by doing my ALS ice bucket challenge…

So in an attempt to keep up with what’s happening in the online world let it be that I shamelessly ‘leak’ private photos of myself that are from either last year or 2012…

*mucho apologies to friends, family and any eyes that didn’t want scantily clad guy on there tumblr scroll :p *

I can probably never run for mayor now.

*now let’s resume back to my usual video game/ nerdy/ comic/ 90s tv/ etc etc usual tumblr feed*

Nice!! With the recent leaked footage of Smash Bros 3DS going up tonight which Nintendo are frantically pulling down off the internet, it would seem that Duck Hunt dog is in Smash as last weeks rumoured roster leak suggested.

This means my video game nostalgia tattoo sleeve now contains 10 characters from Smash 4 (plus I gots more tattoo time schedules for September)

Bonus points for Little Mac punching Duck Hunt Dog?

So hype for October on 3DS, and extra hype for the later release of the WiiU version :D

"Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this…"

Only about 3 weeks to go till I invest more hours into my gaming nostalgia sleeve…

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