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Zero Punctuation : The Elder Scrolls Online - We Can MMO Too

My friend gingermarls keeps trying to convince me to take up WoW.  I have friends telling me Guild Wars 2 is the shiz.  Then momentarily, and to be hip with the times I was starting to think maybe I’d be rebellious and buy ESO…. but maybe not…

Don’t get me wrong.  Yahtzee Croshaw has hated on some of my favourite games in recent years, it’s what he does… but it’s helped nudge my rational thought and fist bump my wallet.

The best decision for me is to clear through more of my retro and recent game backlogs before I decide to take up the video game equivalent of crack cocaine (MMORPG’s)

Last night and this morning I watched through Siglemic's amazing new World Record at a 120 star Speed Run attempt on Super Mario 64.


Honestly, anyone who has played or has mucho nostalgia for Super Mario 64 really ought to give it a look, even if you don’t watch the full 1hour44mins of total skillfulness, you can take a small dose and still walk away impressed with how well Siglemic has broke down the fundamentals in this game and exploited a few cool things to make this game almost more like video game parkour than Mirrors Edge.

Video Embed below.

Watch live video from Siglemic on TwitchTV

It’s one thing to look back on N64 memories…

However if you just dig out the console, and either draw the curtains and enjoy some single-player or get friends round and have a hoot on multi-player, then you’ll find you’re still not done making memories with this amazing offering :)

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